David & Isabella: Our Story


We met around a crew campfire at a little outdoor event deep in the heart of the Mendips, some 20 odd years ago; both of us with different lives and different loves.

Over the years since, David and I have bumped into each other at a variety of festivals, both running outdoor event companies with our respective partners; David’s company providing hot showers in fields and mine providing production and site services. We worked the festival circuit; it’s hard to describe the life if you haven’t lived it, but the friends you make on site can be the best you’ll ever make.

David’s lifelong fascination with Bedford trucks began when he was a teenager living in Africa, extending as the years progressed for a love of land rovers too.  He came to Rhodes in his 20’s and ever since he has visited, lived and loved this place. He has imported several vehicles including 3 classic Bedford’s, his dream to use them as island tour vehicles. Their imposing character and high seating position combined with the robustness that the British army favour make them the perfect vehicle.

We became reacquainted at a mutual friend’s gathering a few years back, both of us very much single, we grew to be close friends and then lovers. Last year he brought me here to Rhodes, he wanted to share this place and his dream with me. I instantly fell in love with this beautiful and quirky island too, so here we sit around our own campfire launching headlong into what is now our dream, broadening its horizons and defining its existence. We are way too old to mess about. The future is now.

–  Isabella Jack, Vlycha, April 2018


Dave, Izzy & Lexi – Extreme Leisure